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Maternity Health Insurance – It is only natural for a newly expectant mother to become wild with excitement. However, it is also natural for the excitement of this moment to quickly diminish into a feeling of frustration and anger, once people realize the costs of having a baby. As many as 13% of women in America who become pregnant do not have any form of maternity health insurance coverage. Therefore, they are leaving themselves exposed to the risk of below adequate pre-natal care, and they will have to fund these expenses with their own money. Meanwhile, any complications with the pregnancy and the costs of this will also be added to the burden.

Sometimes, even women who have taken out regular insurance are not always covered. Very often, an expensive add-on to a regular insurance premium is needed, while some providers do not offer maternity coverage at all, simply considering it to be a pre-existing condition.

You need to check your health insurance policy carefully, and if you’re not covered then make sure you get covered. There are lots of group insurance policies that offer maternity insurance, which is usually the best option. However, beware that when you get this kind of coverage, there may be a waiting time of between 3 and 12 months before it comes into effect. For anyone worried about the waiting period, there is a fall back option. If they are covered by COBRA, an extended form of insurance coverage from previous employers, they may have maternity coverage.

Buying Individual Health Insurance – Things to Know to Get the Right Cover

Some people are lucky enough to live in a state that has a plan for pregnant women, such as California- called the Medi-Cal Plan. There are also federal programs such as Medicaid, but usually these are only offered to people on low incomes.

Another option to consider is the MaternityCard, a program that offers aid to pregnant women and is widely accepted these days. It covers a wide range of the maternal care needs that women require at a cheaper cost than most regular maternity insurance policies.

In most cases, maternal insurance begins as soon as you have signed the policy, but there are certain policies that have a 30 day waiting period. It is important that you study what the package carefully and consider all of its implications.

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