affordable health insurance coverage

Affordable Health Insurance Coverage – Many people with rich benefit health insurance plans don’t realize there are much less expensive insurance options that will save them thousands of dollars per year.

Rich Benefits are a lot More Expensive
Plans that have a low medical deductible, office visit coverage, and prescription coverage are extremely expensive. The primary reason for this is because you pay the high monthly premium whether you use the benefits or not. The insurance company gets to keep all of the money you pay that they didn’t have to pay toward your claims that year. After thinking about that, I wondered why I had a rich benefit plan for my own family.

Take on More Risk and More Reward
What if you could pay a small monthly premium to protect you or your family against major medical expenses? On top of that, you would pay for your office visits, prescriptions and other everyday expenses on your own. Best of all, you would keep the difference in premiums from what you would have paid on your rich benefit plan and what you spent in medical expenses, not the insurance company.

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This is exactly the idea behind replacing your rich benefit plan with a high deductible health plan. Many of my clients have saved thousands of dollars per year because they made the switch.

Tax Advantages
If saving thousands of dollars wasn’t good enough, qualified high deductible health plans allow you to open a health savings account and pay for all of your medical, dental, and vision expenses with pre-tax money.

What’s the downside to these plans?

Most often these types of plans benefit individuals and families who are relatively healthy and have low medical expenses each year. If you have consistent medical care or expensive prescriptions, these plans may not save you money. But, if you are healthy and don’t utilize your plan much, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year in premiums by making this simple change.

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