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Cancer and Stroke Insurance supplements work by paying members cash benefits up to $10,000 US dollars without deductibles, co-insurance, or co-pays. These indemnity plans differ on benefit levels and policy face values. So this $10,000 benefit in this article is typical but not the only available amount of coverage in this health insurance supplement niche. Members have the availability to choose their own treatment and spending options.

This type of supplemental cancer insurance is commonly referred to as a Critical Illness Insurance Plan and works well with emergency room bills.

Cancer and Stroke Insurance Supplement Price Estimates:
Individual Policy: $25.00 US dollars per month. (estimates from leading plan).
Individual and Spouse Policy: $48.00 US dollars per month.

Supplemental cancer insurance and stroke plan benefit amount:
-$10,000 US dollars lump sum benefit member can choose how to spend on treatment. Some common uses of the funds include home health care, home alterations, travel expenses for treatment, living expenses, cover other health insurance deductibles, retraining for jobs, child care and college tuition.

Critical Illness Insurance Coverage is for:
-Heart Attack
-Kidney Failure
-Major organ transplant
-Invasive Cancer
-Coronary artery bypass graft

So to recap these cancer and stroke insurance plans don’t have deductibles or copays and will pay up to the policy benefit amount, which in this case is $10,000 dollars. Critical Illness benefits are different depending on the insurance company selling the plan. Policy holders can spend the lump sum cash payment however they want on treatment bills and expenses. Covering emergency room bills are a common use of supplemental cancer insurance plans. Typically, emergency room visits are from bodily injuries or some form of sickness that requires immediate treatment. Heart attacks, strokes, and life threatening cancer are other reasons people are rushed to the emergency room.

Maternity Health Insurance

The cancer heart health insurance policy I’m writing about here have some relaxed rules on preexisting conditions. A person who’s already had a cancer diagnosis, stroke, or heart attack can qualify for this pan but can’t receive up to the $10,000 cash benefit during the initial year. So any future events of heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, or life threatening cancer could be covered after 12 consecutive months of paying the member dues. Monthly member dues again are around $25.00 dollars a month for an individual, and around $48.00 per month for individual and spouse.

People in the United States can qualify for this style of Critical Illness supplement up to age 70. The up to $10,000 cash benefits are reduced by fifty percent after age 65. Emergency room insurance plans are very practical for the real world. Accident health insurance supplements do a good job covering bodily injuries in the ER, and cancer and stroke insurance supplements (Critical Illness Insurance Plans) cover the other aspect of emergency room bills. Emergency room insurance supplements can be purchased as a stand alone or to cover high deductible health insurance plans that have a lot of out of pocket risk for any type of emergency room visit.

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