Lets Link! What’s it all about

When we first tell people about the site – Lets Link UK – we often get a mixture of responses. People love the name – the alliteration is impressive they say – but they aren’t quite sure what the site is about.

Well, the site was actually started – many years back now – with the understanding of LETS as – Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes. This basically means local community-based mutual aid networks allowing people to trade and exchange things without needing money – and benefiting the community.

So – not what you expected from the name! But the LETS acronym works very well, and the LETS schemes have done great things for local UK businesses.

The site in its new form will not focus so much on the former LETS schemes – but what’s to come for you is for the moment to be kept under wraps…


Were Back online

Sorry it’s took us so long to get online, but we are really busy so keep us bookmarked and come back in a few days :)


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